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Games & Diversions

What is a Renaissance Faire if not for the Fun Diversions!

Get ready to explore our Guild Encampments and be transported back to another time & place. Warning! There be Pyrates, Vikings and Knights looking for a Battle. See what life was like in the olden days, if you dare!

The Crimson Pyrates & Privateers

Keep yer eyes on the horizon and be prepared to be boarded and taken captive aboard one of the most notorious and mischievous Pyrates sailing the Seven Seas . They will transport you to the Crimson Cove where you will be assimilated into their band of miscreants.

War Ravens

A Viking Encampment with all the accoutrements (means all of their stuff) of a real Viking Village. Explore their encampment and immerse yourself into the wild world of the Viking Era and learn their real history.

La Orden de Santiago

A working Spanish Military Guild depicting the Spanish Army of Flanders under the Duke of Parma from 1578 to 1598. They usually conduct black powder drills with muskets and cannons, but are unable to perform due to the high fire danger this year. We hope to have a full exposition next year.

The Wild

We are mercenaries, gathered by the four winds, and grouped together to form a power unmatched by any. Stand in our way... And you shall be cut down.

Cresting Phoenix

As the scourge of piracy sails upon the seas, a bounty is often placed upon the most notorious. We sail to make the oceans secure. Because pirate hunting is a dangerous trade, we will be training others in every port, the vital skills necessary to survive. Welcome Aboard Matey!

Clan MacColin

Clan MacColin of Glenderry is a historical, theatrical and social organization dedicated to researching and portraying the daily life of a 16th century Hiberno-Scottish clan. Clan MacColin's "time" is the year 1572.

Court of Chimera

We are a band of followers, servants, and mercenaries, traveling and serving our most respected Sikh. He is a powerful man who appreciates good tales, great fortunes, and grand menageries. We are all under his employ (or servitude) and we serve him and protect his investments in his court...the Court of Chimera. ‚Äč