About our Faire

About Our Faire

    • What To Expect: Set during the reign of Isabella I and Ferdinand II of Spain, (mid-15th century), our festival is a re-creation of the Spanish Fall Faire as well as an Exposición International. We welcome many diverse and unique merchants, entertainers, and Guilds from around the world (and time) to vie for the Queen’s favor. Visit this exciting, vibrant village Faire, where you can experience strolling entertainers, stage performances, handcrafted treasures, delicious food and drink, and a children’s area. Join us in bringing to life the spirit of a Spanish Renaissance!
    • Produced by: Idyllwild Festivals Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation. Our mandate is to provide educational entertainment for the general public. Guests will engage in dynamic interactions as well as learning a bit about our distant past.
    • Location: Camp Emerson, Boseker Scout Reservation – 53155 Idyllbrook Dr., Idyllwild, CA 92549
    • When: Friday, September 24th through Sunday, September 26th, 2021.    Daily hours of operation will be from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM

                   Entertainment: We will feature local entertainers and professional renaissance performers who will provide a great day of fun and activities. The entertainment will include music, storytelling, and interactive performances from the 16th century and beyond. There will be multiple stages around the Faire, strolling performances and daily parades for your viewing pleasure. Visit our guild encampments to experience life as they may have lived it in their time. Vikings, Pirates as well as Celtic Clans are just some of the Guilds visiting us. The guilds will provide demonstrations and instructions on their craftsmanship and designs.

    • Merchants: All food vendors and merchants hold contracts with Idyllwild Festivals Inc. Vendors and merchants will be required to provide insurance and must meet all county health and safety codes, as well as local fire restrictions.
    • Alcohol: No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the Faire; however, beer, wine, and mead will be sold on-site. A special wristband will be issued to those wishing to purchase alcoholic beverages and whose identity can be verified at the Main Gate. All compliance with the Alcoholic Beverage Control office will be strictly adhered to. Minors under the age of twenty-one (21) are prohibited from consuming, handling, or purchasing alcoholic beverages.
    • Illegal Controlled Substances: Under no circumstances are illegal controlled substances to be allowed on the Faire site. Anyone with these items in their possession, while on the Faire site, will be subject to immediate expulsion and/or arrest.
    • Schedule a visit with The Queens’ Court in their encampment. Join the guilds worldwide in seeking her favor, air a grievance, or receive decrees for your Royal Office.
    • Camping: There are limited campsites available at the Faire site. First priority of the campsites will be given to Faire merchants, guilds, cast, and crew. Campsites on the Faire grounds by the Guilds and merchants will be inspected for compliance with the fire restrictions and Faire guidelines in place at that time. There are campsites available around Idyllwild as well as short-term rentals in Idyllwild and surrounding areas.
    • Parking: Paid parking will be available on-site. Additional free parking will be available from private groups in town. Free Shuttle service will be available from the downtown area. We highly encourage our guests to check out the beautiful town of Idyllwild.
    • Pets: Pets will be allowed, but must be secured and/or on a leash and under control at all times. Pets found disturbing the peace will be expelled from the Faire site without any refund. Service animals required for the disabled are always welcomed.
    • First Aid and Comfort stations: The Idyllwild Fire Department will be on call to provide fire and paramedic personnel during all times the Faire is open to the public. In addition, tents will be set up to provide water, shade, and chairs for those who need to rest. A sufficient number of porta-potties will be contracted and will include regular and timely maintenance by a hired cleaning service. These porta-potties will be placed around the Faire site to provide convenient access. Disabled access porta-potties will be included, as well as hand washing facilities. Health and safety measures will be in place as recommended by the county and state.
    • Admission: Your ticket includes: Stage entertainment, Battle Pageants, Parades, and a Children’s area. Game booths will be available at an extra cost for your pleasure and to test your skill. Authentic renaissance merchants will provide many wonderful items for you to purchase along with many souvenirs for you to remember your day at the Faire. Tickets will be available online.

Ticket Prices:

Adult – 3 Day Pass (18-64): $45

Senior – 3 Day Pass (65+) & Military – 3 Day Pass: $31

Children’s – 3 Day Pass (13-17): $25

Family Special (Ages 0-12): Free with an adult ticket.

Check out our event page for single-day tickets and feast seating. https://bit.ly/2UjeQr4

Entrance to the Faire will be controlled by wristbands, which must be worn while on the Faire grounds. Anyone not wearing a wristband will be escorted off the Faire grounds. Reentry will be allowed to those wearing their wristband for the same day their ticket was issued. Each day will have a different colored wristband. There will only be a limited amount of wristbands issued daily, which will control the number allowed into the Faire each day. All children 13 years and under must be accompanied by their responsible guardian at all times. Lost children will be escorted back to the main gate to be reclaimed.

    • Security: Private Security will be contracted to provide security on-site during all times the Faire is open to the public. Additional security will be contracted to provide security after the Faire has closed for the day. All bags, backpacks, etc. will be inspected at the main gate. Riverside Sheriffs Department will be on call for this event.
    • Weapons: All weapons must be from the period only and must be rendered safe, such as peace-tying or disabled. All weapons will be inspected at the front gate by the Security Company. Anyone brandishing a weapon will be escorted off the Faire grounds and no refund will be provided.
    • Disturbing the Peace: We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behavior. The Faire is for all to enjoy and to have their peace respected. Anyone found to be disturbing the peace will be escorted off the Faire grounds and no refund will be provided.
    • Closed Areas: There are many trails and areas that will be closed to the general public. Please do not cross any barricades or signs designating an area off-limits.
    • Waste Management: There will be trash receptacles placed throughout the Faire and maintained regularly. A large dumpster will be contracted to provide a collection point to dispose of all refuse generated during the Faire. Arrangements will include regular and timely removal of the dumpster before it becomes full. There should be no hazmat issues as all material used at the Faire should be what you would find in the 16th century. The local fire department will be on call in case a hazmat situation should arise.
    • Faire Site: The terrain at the Faire site is a natural alpine forest, uneven and hilly. Being surrounded by State and National Forest brings all the beauty and danger of our natural forests. We are at an elevation of around 5,250 feet. Those susceptible to sunburn, dehydration, or altitude sickness should take proper precautions. For comfort and safety please wear sturdy, comfortable, closed-toe shoes. Most show seating will be on straw bales or benches.
    • Disability Access: Most of the Faire site is accessible to the disabled, but there are some areas that may be difficult to access. Equivalent facilitation will be provided.
    • Smoking: This is a nonsmoking event. Smoking is not allowed on the Faire grounds. There will be a designated smoking area outside the Faire grounds.
    • Lost and Found: Any items turned into Lost and Found, will be held at our headquarters office at the front gate to be claimed until Monday, September 30th, at which time any items not claimed will be discarded.

It is our sincerest hope to bring quality and professional Renaissance Faire to the Shire of Idyllwild. Many hours of planning went into this event. Many people have given their time, treasure & talent to be a part of this great event.

All we ask is that our guests have a great experience and have lots of fun. Enjoy the Faire and leave any issues or concerns you might have at the front gate. Please be respectful, responsible and keep a close eye on your children as there are plenty of places for them to explore.

Please visit our website to leave a comment or review. We welcome any constructive criticisms, which will enhance and improve our Faire


Idyllwild Festivals Inc Officers, Cast & Crew