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We are an exceptional group of friends and family from varied backgrounds and ages. Our youngest member is 21 years old to our oldest at 69 years vintage. We are young people just starting out in business and families to retired old folks ready to enjoy creating a fun and exciting Renaissance Faire in our home town of Idyllwild.

We have ambitious plans to build up our Ren Faire over the next few years to provide another well organized Faire for all of Southern California. Joining our sisters and brothers from all the other Faires in California, we hope we can rise to their level.

Give us a chance to become a Faire for all those who like to dress up and play. From Vikings to Pirates to English, Italian and German Renaissance we want to do it all.

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What: Set during the 14th century to the late 16th century, our Faire is a re-creation of an English Autumn Faire. The Idyllwild Shire is what it may have been like if Idyllwild was a trading destination for a variety of travelers and merchants plying their crafts. However, don’t be surprised if you run into Vikings and Pirates! Visit an exciting, vibrant village Faire where you can experience strolling entertainers, stage performances, beautiful handcrafts, delicious food, drink and the spirit of the days of William Shakespeare and the Renaissance!

Sponsored by: Mountain Maniacs Family Arcade in “The Fort”. We will encourage the participation of all our local community organizations and merchants to share in our efforts to bring fun and excitement to our town.

Where: Downtown Idyllwild at Park Lane in front of “The Fort”, Highway 243 and North Circle Dr.

When: Saturday & Sunday, October 6th and 7th 2018 from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Entertainment: Local entertainers will volunteer to participate as well as professional entertainers who will be paid a minimum fee. The entertainment will include acts, skits and interactive performances from a bygone era. There will be a main stage for these performances as well as strolling performances and daily parades.

Vendors: All food and merchandise vendors must fill out and submit our vendor application. All vendors will be required to provide their own insurance and must meet all county health and safety codes as well as local fire restrictions.

Alcohol: No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the Faire, beer and mead will be sold on site. A special wristband will be issued to those wishing to purchase alcoholic beverages and whose identification can be verified. All compliance with the Alcoholic Beverage Control office will be strictly adhered to.

Parking: Parking is free in and around the Shire and is a short walking distance away. Additional paid parking may be available from private groups in town.

First Aid and Comfort stations: A tent will be set up to provide water, shade and chairs for those who need to rest. We will engage a Nurse to be on hand to render First Aid. Toilets and hand-washing facilities are available on the ground floor of “The Fort”.

Security: Security will be provided on site during all times the Faire is open to the public. Additional security will be contracted to provide security after the Faire has closed for the day.

Weapons: All weapons must be from the period only and must be rendered safe, such as peace-tying or disabled. All weapons will be inspected by our security team.

Disturbing the Peace: We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behavior. The Faire is for all to enjoy and to have their peace respected. Riverside County Sheriffs will be called on anyone found to be disturbing the peace.

Waste Management: Trash receptacles will be placed throughout the Faire site to dispose of all refuse generated during the Faire. Arrangements will include regular and timely removal of the receptacles before they become full. The local fire department will be on site in case a haz-mat situation should arise.

Faire Site: The terrain at the Faire site is typical street and sidewalks. For comfort and safety please wear sturdy, comfortable shoes. Show seating will be on straw bales. Shade and seating will be available.

Pets: No pets allowed except for service animals required for the disabled. (Exception for show animals.)

Wheelchairs: Most of the Faire site is handicap accessible, but there are some areas that may be difficult.

Food: Visitors may not bring in food or drinks. A food court will provide authentic renaissance foods and tables will be provided.

Experience: The committee formed to provide the organizational support for this venture has many experienced and qualified participants. Members of the committee have provided support for the Idyllwild Jazz Festival, The Idyllwild Western Festival, The Idyllwild Independence Day Festival and many other festivals on and off the Hill. Many members of the committee have many years of experience both participating and in providing organizational support for a number of Renaissance Faire’s in the area.

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