30 days to the Faire!

The time is fast approaching when we will be able to don our royal robes or peasant garb and enjoy a respite from the crazy world. Come up to the beautiful shire of Idyllwild and enjoy clean air, pine trees and mountains just one or two hours away from most of Southern California.

As many of you know, we escaped a potential catastrophe with the Cranston Fire burning right up to the edge of Idyllwild. Thanks goes out to all the first responders who were racing up the Hill while many of us were evacuating. We had less than an hour to gather what we could and leave our homes not knowing if we would come back to devastation or our wonderful village. Well thankfully, we survived another fire and our village still stands!.

Our businesses have suffered the loss of several weeks of commerce so we are asking as many of you as possible to make the trek up our mountain to support our local economy while enjoying a great time with our Renaissance Players. We are gathering many craftsmen and artists to provide plenty of opportunities to contribute to our cause, as well as entertainers to amuse everyone.

We look forward to your visit and pray for safe travels.


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