We are yet another Faire that must be canceled due to the Covid-19 virus. We will be back in 2021!

Good Morrow My Lords & Ladies!

Join Us for Merriment, Song, Dance, Games, Food & Drink!

Leave the modern day with it’s harried pace behind as you cross over Buridan’s Bridge and enter into “La Mancha” in the 16th Century.  Revel in events as they may have happened on a fall day in the Shire of Idyllwild. Immerse yourself with our players as they reenact life of that bygone era. Come, Join Us!
Welcome to the Spanish Renaissance!

What to Expect at Our Faire!

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We will strive to engage a variety of Merchants to provide a plethora of goods and services for the discerning Renaissance Shopper. From handmade to custom items, you are sure to find the perfect Renaissance treasure.


Prepare yourself for some amazing, fabulous Music, Stories Dancing, Battles & Guilds from all corners of the Shire. Three stages will provide plenty of entertainment for all ages & temperament. Huzzah!

Food & Drink

Have a hankering for a smoked turkey leg? How about a pulled pork sandwich or pizza? How about a pint of the best Mead or craft beer in the Shire? We will provide plenty of Faire food for all tastes & appetites.

Games & Diversions

Do you feel up to a challenge? Want to go up against your kids in a game of classic quoits or "Toss the Chicken" If you are more adventrous, we have ax throwing and archery to test your skills.

Do You Want To...

Get to know who the folks are behind the scenes. You are most welcomed to join us and become a member of the team.

Support us with your generous donation to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Check out the many levels of donations you can make.

Renaissance in the Shire of Idyllwild

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